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As we know that having everything planned for your wedding trip is very important, we have created a special form where you can book the spa and salon appointments you need, obtaining the special wedding discount your resort has offered as part of your wedding package.

Our Online Wedding Concierge will assist you to book your appointments in advance, based on space and staff availability at each spa, and coordinate the services for the wedding couple and all guests.

Follow these simple steps:

STEP 1 Go to the link THE DAY online wedding concierge.
•  Select your hotel.
•  Enter the dates of your stay.
Note: We do not take reservations with more than 6 month prior to your wedding date.

•  Select the type of Hotel Wedding Package you have purchased.
Note: if you are celebrating your wedding outside the hotel or are a guest in a wedding, please select: No package.

STEP 2 Make your choice of services.
•  If your Hotel Wedding Package includes salon or spa services, these will be available by default on your shopping cart.
•  Review all services offered and make your request for the wedding couple, the wedding party and all guests.
Note: if you are unsure about the correct times, you are welcome to leave these OPEN online wedding concierge will suggest a schedule based on all the information on the form.

•  Proceed to check out - include names and appointment requests.
Note: if you are unsure about the correct times, you are welcome to leave these OPEN online wedding concierge will suggest a schedule based on all the information on the form.

•  Complete the requested information on the reservations form.
•  Send the reservations form.
Note: the reservations form is only a request for reservations - no reservations will be confirmed until the full process is finished and you obtain a confirming voucher.

STEP 3 Wedding Concierge contact.
•  Our online wedding concierge will check on the reservations request and e-mail you within the next 24 hours (48 hours after Saturdays midday).
•  The requested reservations will be confirmed or an alternative schedule will be proposed based on availability and space limitations.
•  Review the information and reply agreeing or requesting any changes.

STEP 4 Confirm your reservations.
•  Upon agreement with the schedule and final quote, a 50% down payment of the total amount is requested in order to confirm your reservations= block your spaces.

How to process the down payment?
1- Via Paypal
•  You will receive a Paypal Money Request via e-mail.

2- By Credit Card
•  Direct charges to Visa or Mastercard can be processed after receiving some information.

STEP 5 Receive your reservation voucher
Within the next 24 hours after receiving your down payment, our Online Wedding Concierge will e-mail you the confirming voucher(s) for your services.
Note: no reservation is confirmed without a voucher.

•  Print it out.
•  Present it at the Spa in order to receive your services.
•  The due amount will be paid at the spa directly prior to taking the services.
•  To make additional reservations after the initial one or any changes, please contact your online wedding concierge mentioning your voucher number.


•  How many beauty salon services can you make at the same time?

In most of our hotels, we are limited to maximum of two beauty services at the same time.

  •  Can the rest of the ladies be at the spa /salon while we are having our treatments?

You are welcome to be together. However, in most of our salons, we have limited space and sitting facilities.
You are welcome to enjoy our hydrotherapy services while waiting for your turn.

•  Can we have cocktails-champagne while we have the services?

Alcoholic drinks are not allowed in our spas, to preserve the spa atmosphere.
We offer herbal teas and chlorophyll water.

•  Can the stylists come to the hotel room for my salon services?

We are not allowed to provide any spa or salon services at the hotel rooms. You will have to come to the salon.

•  Is the salon located inside the hotel?

Yes, our spas are located inside the hotel. In some, the distance is bigger, so you will have to check with the online wedding concierge to calculate the time you need to go to your room.

•  Can I get dressed at the spa?

Yes, you can get dressed at the spa. All our spas have large dressing rooms.
We can provide you with a spa cabin, if available. Therefore, we will need you to come to the spa prior to the wedding day in order to make this special request to the spa manager directly and confirm if we have a special place available on your wedding day.

•   My wedding starts early and my wedding group requires several salon services. How can we accommodate these?

Please, contact your online wedding concierge and we will check if we can bring in extra staff or make an earlier start in order to accommodate your needs.


•  Do you apply accessories or flowers as part of the hairstyles? Do you supply these?

We do apply any type of accessories as part of the hairstyles, but we do not supply any. Therefore, we will need you to bring the accessories with you.
For fresh flowers arrangements, your hotel wedding coordinator on site can assist you.

•  Do you have pictures of hairstyles?

In all our salons, we do have pictures of hairstyles we have done in the past.
However, we highly recommend you to bring pictures of the desired styles along with you for the stylists to work based on these.

•  Does the bride's hairstyle include shampoo and blow dry?

Yes, however we recommend you to come in for the bride's hairstyle with clean, dry hair. Since the final price will be based on the needed time, you will save time and money.

•  Does the bride's hairstyle include a bride's hairstyle try out?

No, the bride's hairstyle only includes a bride's hairstyle consultation, which should be done at least 48 hours prior to the wedding day.

•  What is the difference between a bride's hairstyle consultation and a bride's hairstyle try out?

On the consultation you will meet your stylist, choose the type of style you wish, or bring the pictures of your chosen style.
The stylist will also confirm the needed time and final price for your appointment and tell you if the chosen style is doable with your type and length of hair. On the bride's hairstyle try out, one full hairstyle will be done. This is an additional service with an extra cost.

•   How many styles can be tried out during the Bride's Hairstyle Try Out service?

The stylist will assist you in choosing a style, based on your desires and the type of hair. Once chosen, only this style will be tried out. If you decide to try another style, a second service needs to be reserved.

•  Do I have to schedule the consultation with the stylist?

The consultation cannot be reserved in advance. We recommend you to call the salon to make sure the stylists are available when you come in.

•  Can your staff handle any type of hairstyles?

Our staff is trained to make any type of hairstyles and we are used to work with a variety of types of hair.

•  Do you apply hair extensions?

We can apply hair extensions, provided these are of natural hair. In this case, a Bride's Hairstyle Try Out is always required and you need to provide the hair extensions. We do not supply these.

•   What type of hairstyles do you recommend based on the local climate?

Wearing your hair up is sophisticated, elegant and great in hot places. Long and flowing hair is very beautiful but will need a little help for durability particularly for a morning wedding when the sun will be at its highest for the main part of the occasion.
For outdoor weddings and the beach consider going half way in between with an up-down style.

•   If we have a large group of ladies, how should we schedule the hairstyles?

In most of our hotels, we can make shifts of two ladies at a time.
We take conservative duration times for our salon services to make sure all ladies have plenty of time. However, as one finishes, the next one will start.
We recommend: ladies requesting simple styles to go first, ladies with more complicated styles to go after them, and kids to go last.

•   How do I know which type of hairstyle service we need?

We offer Shampoo & Blow Dry styles for simple styles or short hair.
Curls, straightening, up-dos and  applications fall into the Special Hairstyle type of service. The Bride's Hairstyle only applies for the bride.

•   What price do you take for the hairstyles I choose? 

For online purposes, we take an average (M) price. All ladies will have to consult prior to the wedding day with the stylist, who will confirm the final price and needed time, based on the complexity of the style, the hair length and type, and the needed time. We just collect 50% down-payment and any difference in the final price will be added or discounted from the due amount.

•   Is there a special price for kids?

The prices for kids are the same. The final price is based on the complexity of the style, hair length and type and the needed time. Sometimes grooming kids take a lot longer, so we take the average price for online purposes and the final price will be confirmed on site.


•  Can your staff handle any type of makeups?

Our staff is trained to make any type of makeups. We have a wide range of foundation tones and colors to match any type of skin.

•  Can you send me pictures of makeups?

In all our salons, we do have pictures of  makeups we have done in the past
However, we highly recommend you to bring pictures of the desired makeup along with you for our makeup artist to work based on these.

•  Can I bring my own makeup to be used for the service?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own make up if this makes you feel more comfortable.

•  Do you apply false eye lashes?

Yes, we do apply false eye lashes.
Please, check with your online wedding concierge, since in some locations we do not supply these, so you will have to provide them.

•   Do your offer makeup try outs? Do you recommend these?

We do offer this service, which is recommended, specially if you are not used to wearing makeup, to make sure you get the exact look you are looking for.


•   Should I book my nail treatments on the wedding day?

Nail treatments (manicures and pedicures of all types), should be booked for the afternoon prior to the wedding, to avoid a long time at the salon on the wedding day.
Specially if you have guests and family doing their makeup and hair with us as well.


•   What other spa treatments do you recommend?

Facials and body treatments will prepare your skin to look beautiful on this big event!
Massages will make you feel relaxed to enjoy this special day. Couple Massages are perfect to celebrate as newlyweds!

•   When should I reserve a body treatment?

Body treatments (exfoliations and wraps), are recommended to be done soon upon arrival to the resort, in order to remove impurities and dead cells and leave your skin prepared for a perfect tan.
You should not expose yourself to the sun straight after these type of treatments, so we recommend afternoon appointments.

•   When should I reserve facials?

Deep cleansing facials should be done 24 hours prior to any important event. For this service, extractions of impurities are included and your skin is treated with cleaning facial products that may cause a light redness in your skin for a couple hours.
All the other facial types can be done on the event day, but Flash Facials are specially designed to be done just prior to a Make Up application on a big occasion. We recommend afternoon appointments.

•   When should I reserve massages?

Any Massage from our menu is an excellent choice to give you a time of relaxation before the wedding day.
Have it on the evening before to feel relieved from all stress and be able to rest all night, or early in the morning of the occasion to energize you and calm the natural nerves.

•   Do you offer couple massages?

Yes, in most of our locations, we have double cabins, specially designed for couples. We also offer couple massages at our beach huts.


•  If I purchase a wedding package, do I have to take all the services included in the package on the wedding day, or can I split these up?
You are welcome to split the treatments up in different days.

•  Can I substitute any treatments?

The packages have fixed treatments that cannot be replaced. If no package exactly fits your needs, you are welcome to reserve through our spa menu.

•  Can I upgrade any treatments?

The only treatments that can be upgraded are the regular or French nail treatments to spa, paraffin or chocolate type of nail treatments, with an additional cost.

•  Can the rest of the ladies purchase wedding packages as well, or are these just for the bride?
All the ladies in your party are welcome to purchase wedding packages, not only the bride.


 How do I know which Hotel Wedding Package I have?

Please, contact your hotel wedding coordinator in order to confirm this information.

•  What Spa services and benefits are included in my hotel wedding package?

Renova Spa is an independent company servicing the hotels. If you have purchased a Hotel Wedding Package, please see below to check the included benefits for Renova Spa.

•  Riu Hotels Wedding Packages

•  Can I substitute or upgrade any of the services included?

The services cannot be substituted. Only the nail treatments can be upgraded as mentioned above.

•  Can I give any of my included services to somebody else in the wedding party?

The treatments can only be used by bride and groom.

•  Can I schedule the included services during my whole stay?

Yes, you can split the treatments up during your stay, before or after the wedding.

•  Does the Spa discount included on my hotel wedding package apply for the rest of the party?

The 10% wedding discount only applies to the services taken by bride and groom . This applies for advanced or on site reservations. All the rest of the guests that make their reservations in advance will obtain our special 10% online discount. This discount will not apply on site.

•  Is there any restriction to this wedding discount?

Promotions cannot be added. The 10% wedding discount cannot be used with other special discounts, for example it cannot be added to the online discount.

•  Do I have to meet the hotel wedding coordinator prior to coming to the spa?

In order to obtain the special discount and/or included treatments /gifts, you will have to present a voucher provided by your hotel wedding coordinator at the spa.
Therefore,  we can reserve the included treatments in advance, but these need to be scheduled for any day after your first meeting with the hotel wedding coordinator on site.

•   What happens if I change the hotel wedding package?

If you change the package, we will just need to be informed.
In case you downgrade, then you will have to pay for the difference, if you decide to keep the appointments.
In case you upgrade, then you can schedule the additional services or obtain a partial refund, if you already paid for some of these.


•  Do I need to make reservations in advance or can I reserve upon arrival to the hotel directly?

We have limited space and staff, so we highly recommend you to make your reservations in advance in order to secure your appointment times. You will be able to make your reservations on site as well, based on availability.

•   Can I reserve upon arrival at the hotel?

Yes, you can. However, your reservations will be based upon availability.

•   Do I have to prepay in order to confirm the reservations?

Yes, a down-payment of 50% is needed in order to block your spaces.

•   How should I make the reservations?

To be able to schedule your appointments, please click HERE

•   Should I make the reservations for myself only or for the whole group?

We recommend you to make the reservations for yourself and your wedding party, to make sure all can enjoy the spa and salon on this special occasion. By making one reservations request for all, you will facilitate the scheduling process.


•   What is your cancellation policy?

- more than 24 hours advice - no cancellation fee
- less than 24 hours advice- 50% down payment
- as we strive to start all the appointments on time, we will cancel the reservations and charge a 50% down payment after a 15 minutes delay.

•   Can I make a partial cancellation?

Yes, you can. The partial down-payment of this cancellation will be used towards the due amount.
•   Can I change the schedule once the reservation has been confirmed?

Yes, you can. You will have to contact your online wedding concierge and the services can be rescheduled, within 24 hours of the appointments without a penalty and based on availability. Any changes with less than 24 hours need to be done at the spa directly.
All changes will be based upon availability.


•   Can I treat my guests with Gift Certificates?

Yes, you are welcome to purchase Gift Certificates for them: HERE

•   Can my guests purchase Gift Certificates for me as a wedding present?

Yes, they are welcome to purchase Gift Certificates for you. HERE

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